Econtrac Support Maintenance System

Malaysia Fully Integrated Maintenance and Support Service Cloud Application

Customer Support Software That Increase Your Productivity

We’ve What Support Maintenance System require


Number of valid, expired, cancel, pending contract and Instant Search Customer

Team Member

Configure support team member with permission and role

Service Contract

Number of Valid and Value Contract, Monthly Bar and Pie Chart, Filters Contracts

Email Marketing

Notifying customers for monthly expiring contract and subscription in a click of mouse


Monitoring and Assigning training sessions, number of trainees and appointment fixing


Submit and monitoring Service Tickets by hours and Customer Rating


Subscription or Warranty is much easier with Statistic, Graph and Filters


Whether to schedule training, site visits or product demo with monthly calendar view


Statistic, Pie and Bar Chart as well as filtering to have a different dimension of analysis

support maintenance software ubs accounting inventory sync

UBS Software and MS Excel Integration

  • Import Customers
  • Import Subscription
  • Import Service Contract
  • Import Training

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Anywhere, Anytime on Any Device using our mobile-friendly Service Contract web application.

support maintenance software multi platform
support maintenance software multi platform auto backup

Your Data is Auto-Backup and Protected

Your data and records are all saved and backup in a secured cloud environment. User login comes with OTP

Users’ Access is Better Control

Easier to collaborate users from different locations and levels using same database and platform. All inputs and reports are instantly accessible according to permission setting.

support maintenance software user access

Support Maintenance System Preview

cheque software faq

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is there any trial version?
We provide one month free trial without any obligation.

2. Is this software a cloud or desktop application?
Econtrac is a cloud application with yearly subscription.

3. Which software can can this application integrate?
Currently only UBS Accounting and UBS Inventory Software is able to sync with Econtrac but will integrate with your software with API provided.

4. Who should I approach should I face any issue?
We will online TeamViewer remote access any technical issue during office hour, since your subscription comes with support maintenance.

5. Will my customers information under Personal Data Protection Act 2010?
With OTP login, only user with One Time Password send to user email allow to login. We are bind by this act to protect your customers information.

6. Which industries are suitable for this Support Maintenance System?
Companies that manage their customers maintenance support and service with yearly contract that require renewal, service appointments for technicians, warranty will benefits a lot.