Ecoflector Terminal Software

Remote Access Window Application Anywhere, Anytime on Any Device.

Sharing Window Application Over the Internet

What is Ecoflector Terminal Software?

Internet Integration

Built-in HTTP server, access from HTML5 Chrome, Edge or Safari and printing to PDF


Centralized access and execution of Window applications anywhere, anytime


Concurrent remote access by multiple users working from Windows and Mac

Mobile Access

Access applications from Android mobile, IOS iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices


Seamless integration of Window application with terminal desktop


Remote app Windows server with the best price, installation and version upgrade

Secure Access

2-factor authentication and remote desktop access for administrators


Works over LAN, Internet, as well as dedicated connection with low throughput


Application server administrator decides which program(s) to share

ecoflector terminal software remote access

Remote Desktop, Citrix XenApp, VNC Alternative

A central application server, on which the programs are executed, providing remote access via Linux or Windows lightweight client for an efficient virtualization software

For All Businesses With Low Budget

Ideal solution for sharing Windows applications over the internet. The centralization of data processing and handling of multi-branch businesses is now easier than anytime before

ecoflector terminal software low budget terminal software
ecoflector terminal software sharing window application over internet

Why Ecoflector?

  • Migrate Window Apps to the Internet
  • Centralization Working Environment
  • Multi-Users Access Remotely
  • Android and IOS Mobile Access
  • Cost-Effective Using Existing Application
  • Secure User Authentication

Transmission encryption

All data exchanged between the Ecoflector client and server can be encrypted. There are two encryption algorithms available:-

  • AES with 128 or 256-bit key
  • 3DES with 192-bit key
ecoflector terminal software terminal software encryption
ecoflector remote access authentication

Secure user authentication

Users is authenticated using Windows or Ecoflector security on application access privileges. Ecoflector enforce strong passwords and blocking of accounts after several failed login attempts.

Only selected applications are shared

Remote users execute only applications that is shared or allowed  by server administrator ensuring user acces to server configuration is restricted.

ecoflector terminal software remote application

How Ecoflector works ?

Ecoflector Terminal Software choose Window Application

Configure access

Install Ecoflector on the server, define the users and the applications to be shared

ecoflector terminal software configure application

Use the applications

Install Ecoflector client on a remote device. Execute the shared application from anywhere

ecoflector terminal software application

Select applications

Select applications to be shared. Install and configure the applications on the central server

ecoflector terminal software application window

Which applications can use Ecoflector?

Any Windows application such as MS Word, Excel,, Adobe Acrobat Reader, UBS Software, Fingertec TCM, remote execution of MySQL client


Ecoflector is composed of two parts:

Server – Windows application server installed
Client – User’s devide accessing selected application on demand

ecoflector remote access software installation window
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Client launches a small wfc.exe connecting the server with pre-configure selected application using login information. The application run on local display, keyboard and mouse and printers

Ecoflector System Requirements

Application Server

Processor(s) Recommended multi-processor or multi-core server
System Windows Serwer 2019/2016/2012/2008R2
Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (no support for Home edition’s)
RAM depending on the application, minimum 16MB per session




32/24/16-bit colour



Terminals (Client Workstations)


Windows 2019/2016/11/10/2012/8.1/8 /2008R2/2008/7/Vista/2003/XP

Linux 32/64-bit (Ubuntu), GTK 2.12+, X11R6+ (Ubuntu 7.10, Fedora 10, Debian 5.0, CentOS 6.0, OpenSuSE 10.3, SuSE 11.0, Linux Mint 4.0 or newer)

Platforms based on ARM architectures (e.g. Rasberry Pi) MAC OSX, Android version 1.5 or newer Web browser with HTML5




Successfully implemented hundreds of UBS software users

ecoflector terminal software customers
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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is there any trial version?
We do not provide trial version as it’s involve server and client complete installation and configuration.

2. Is the software license lifetime?
Software license is valid for lifetime but require new license if the server Window version change.

3. Does Ecoflector require RDP protocol?
Ecoflector does not use the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for communication. Instead of using RDP it uses an especially designed, highly efficient network communication protocol.

4. Who should I approach should I face any issue?
We will online TeamViewer remote access any technical issue during office hour, provided you subscribe our yearly support maintenance.

5. What are the licensing rules for Ecoflector?
Ecoflector licensing is “per concurrent device” in a manner which is favorable for users: one license is required for one active client computer. Furthermore, each client computer can run an unlimited number of applications under one server license. Ecoflector client program can be installed on any number of client workstations, only those who currently run applications use the “concurrent license” from the server.

6. Can I move my Ecoflector server to a new computer?
Yes with a fees and only allow one time license migration, provided that the old installation is switched off. After installing Ecoflector server on the new computer please make an activation with the Serial key number.