Fingertec Card Access

RFID, Mifare, HID Compatible

fingertec access card

Compact and Competent Card Access from FingerTec

fingertec ta100cr time attendance system


  • Time Attendance system
  • Fingerprint, Password, Card
  • Eliminate Buddy Punching
fingertec ta500r time attendance system


  • Time Attendance system
  • Fingerprint, Password, Card
  • Stop Time Theft
fingerteckadex time attendance system


  • Time Attendance
  • Door Access system
  • RFID, Mifare Card
fingertec i-kadex time attendance and door access system


  • Door Access System
  • The Perfect Pair with Kadex
  • RFID, Mifare Card

Different Card, Different Purpose. RFID  MiFare  HID

Loaded with Great Capacity
Value for Money
Combine Verification
Manage Shift Workers
Manage Data Easily
Built-In Alarm
Simple Enrollment
Easy Data Management

Attendance and Door Access Software

The Perfect System for Advanced Access Control Software

ingress door access system
fingertec tcms v3 attendance software

The Most Comprehensive Time Attendance System on the Market

Trusted by Millions Of Users Around the World

fingertec biometric customers