Fingertec TCMS V3

The Most Comprehensive Time Attendance System on the Market

fingertec tcms v3 attendance software
fingertec device

Perfect Match Device

  • Prevent budding punching and anti-spoofing with Fingerprint/Facial Recognition
  • High reliability and low false acceptance rate
  • Connect up to 99 FingerTec devices at the same time
  • Multiple data transfer channel: TCP/IP, Dynamic DNS, RS232/485, 3G or USB Flash Disk

Real-Time, Real Time

  • Immediate synchronisation of data to the device after changes are made in TCMS V3
  • Time synchronisation date and time of all terminals automatically or manually
  • Sets a specific time to download data from FingerTec Time Attendance terminals automatically
  • Set a specific time to back up the database of the software
fingertec real time
fingertec attendance tcms v3 easy setup

Easy Setup and Intuitive UI

  • Quick setup wizard to facilitate simple configuration during initial start -up
  • Allows easy addition of large quantities of users by Batch Create Users feature
  • Provides configuration templates to reduce the time required to configure the system
  • Different user interface themes available and simple to understand organisation with a “tree structure” design

Advanced Attendance

  • Time codes for calculating payrolls, worktime, overtime leave and more
  • Manage full-day leave, half-day leave, a short hour and outdoor duty schedules
  • Manage break and meal times with automatic/advances rule set based on your work schedule
fingertec attendance scheduling
fingertec attendance tcms 3 different shift

Settings for Different Shifts

  • Manage shifts on a monthly, weekly and daily basis
  • Provide the individual or user group work schedule
  • Fixed, flexible and floating work settings
  • Calendar view to configure user/group duty roaster

Beyond Time Attendance

  • Leave and holiday management
  • Direct email TCMS V3 reports
  • Corporate Advertisement System allows uploads of up to 9 corporate advertisements (.jpg) into selected FingerTec devices
  • Allows display of corporate communication messages to employees via SMS (selected FingerTec devices)
fingertec beyond attendance
fingertec attendance tcms v3 security

Additional Security

  • Screen-lock function; automatic logout after the timeout period
  • Supports customised digital watermark imprint for document uniqueness
  • Provides detailed history records and audit trail functions for tracking past configuration changes
  • Optional fingerprint login for system administrators

Advanced Reporting

  • 31 Pre-configured reports
  • Configurable time attendance reports
  • Support exporting reports to PDF & CSV
  • Advanced overtime settings to capture the next day (over 12AM) shift
fingertec attendance tcms v3 reporting
fingertec attendance multi languages

Multilingual Support

• English
• Arabic
• Arabic
• Chinese
• French
• German
• Indonesian
• Italian
• Korean
• Lithuanian
• Malay
• Persian
• Polish
• Portuguese
• Brazil
• Russian
• Spanish
• Thai
• Turkish
• Vietnamese

Integrable with HR/ERP

  • Currently integrated payroll:
    WinCom Pay 7, Sage Payroll, EMAS, SQL Payroll, MYOB, Unipay, BDB Payroll, Execupay, Millenium Payroll, MISYS, PayChecx, Pay Choice, QuickBooks, Attache
  • FingerTec is not planning to stop here, we can export/integrate with most of the HR/ERP systems on the market
fingertec attendance tcms v3 erp hrm

Supported Devices